2in1 smart Safeticet Safety Lancet


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2in1 smart Safeticet Safety Lancet  

♦ SAFETiCET is safe and easy to use. The needle is always encased, deactivates after use and cannot be reused thereby eliminating needle stick injuriesand cross contamination risks

Features & Benefits:

♦ Contact-Activation
♦ Innovative: one step activation, does not require pre-loading. Simple to use, reduces training time.
♦ Gentle: all needles are ultra fine, tri-bevel tip
♦ Safety: All Safeticets are gamma sterilized, have an automatic needle retraction system and cannot be reused.
♦ Quality: All needles are integrally molded to avoid exposure and contamination 


♦ Brand: Safeticet
♦ Ref: VPD-SC-220
♦ 100 sterile lancets
♦ Colour: Pink
♦ Depth: 2.20 mm 

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