Cramily Terracotta Pizza Oven PR4.1


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Cramily Terracotta Pizza Oven PR4.1


- Handmade clay pot

- Includes 4 Insulated Pizza Spatulas

-               Make your own favorite pizza creations, desserts and more. 

-               This terracotta oven heats up in minutes, without the use of open flames.

-               Four openings let you bake up to six personal brick oven pizzas at once.

-               The handmade clay dome is specially designed to hold and radiate heat

-               Dome shape circulates heat for even cooking.

-               The pizza dough cutter cuts dough to the perfect size, and the stainless steel spatulas make cooking easy.

-               Model: PR4.1 

-               Power: 800W

-               1 year warranty



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