Electrolux Steam Iron 2600W EDB8060


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Electrolux Steam Iron 2600W EDB8060

Electrolux Steam Iron 2600W EDB8060 its functionality becomes a reliable and practical help in your home. It is equipped with ironing board Glissium which ensures high slipperiness, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of ironing. Iron utilizes vertical deposition method, vapor and then dosed in an amount of up to 90 grams per minute. Iron there is also a sprinkling of function, self-cleaning and decalcification system. 


-       Power of 2600 W 

-       Cable length: 3 M

-      Weight: 1.6 Kg

-      Water tank capacity 400 ML

-       Self-cleaning function

-       Communication indicator light 

-       Function Spray

-       Light Indicator

 Warranty 1 year

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