Illuma Growing Up Milk 720g Stage 3 (From 1-3 Years)


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Illuma Growing Up Milk 720g Stage 3 (From 1-3 Years)

♦ Illuma is Wyeth’s ultra-premium line of baby formula. The Illuma formula boasts health outcomes that are close to that of breast milk. Due to this, the strategy was to position the Illuma line as high science replicating nature.


♦ Growing up milk formula with Nutrisorb

♦ Suitable from 1 to 3 years

♦ Supports age-appropriate absorption and utilization of nutrients for GI health

♦ Designed to support bone development

♦ Reduces risk of constipation and hard stool

♦ Provides recommended amounts of calcium and Vitamin D

Recommended Age: 

♦ Suitable for ages (1 -3) years


♦ Brand:  Illuma

♦ Size: 720g


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