Majdi Red Sweet Paprika Powder 95 g


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Majdi Red Sweet Paprika Powder 95 g


Majdi Red Sweet Paprika Powder 95 g

♦ Paprika is used extensively in Hungarian cuisine, and is popular both for flavoring meats and vegetables and as a brilliant red garnish for cream sauces and egg dishes.


♦ Paprika is made from ground red peppers and is often blended with cayenne to create a hotter product

♦ Paprika's top benefit is that it is extremely high in vitamin C. (six to nine times the amount of vitamin C as a tomato)

♦ Paprika can also help you absorb iron-rich foods and may help your body fight common infections

♦ Paprika also has plant enzymes that can help neutralize stomach acids, thus aiding digestion


♦ Brand: Majdi

♦ Weight: 95 g

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