NESTLE NIDO STAR With NutriExpert Milk Powder 400g Tin


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NESTLE NIDO STAR With NutriExpert Milk Powder 400g Tin

♦ NESTLÉ NIDO gives your child the nutritional foundation to enjoy health, energy and vitality during each different stage of their growth. NESTLÉ NIDO is instant dry whole milk that provides your child with numerous nutritional benefits. NIDO® is specially formulated with all the goodness of milk, vitamins and minerals


♦ NutriExpert

♦Nestle Nido contains  Vitamins B And C

♦ Milk Contains Omega 6, Omega 3  support shiny hair

♦ High In Calcium And Vitamin D

♦ NIDO® 1+ milk drink also has minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics to further support your child’s healthy growth, development, and immune system.

♦ NIDO® 1+ milk drink has both calcium and vitamin D, important nutrients that help build stronger, healthier bones & supporting strong, healthy teeth.

♦ A warm cup of NIDO® 1+ milk before bedtime makes for a great way to help support your child’s healthy sleep habits.

♦ provides children with many of the nutrients they need for development

♦ provides iron, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C to help support growth and development.

♦ provide your child with 25% of their recommended daily value for vitamin E.

♦ Healthy skin is an important sign of good nutrition in children , milk drink will provide your child with 15% of their recommended daily value for vitamin A.

Specifications :

♦ Brand : Nestle Nido

♦ Weight : 400g

♦ Fortified Milk

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