VitaKraft Cat Grass 120 g (3 Pieces)


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VitaKraft Cat Grass 120 g (3 Pieces)

♦ With VitaKraft Cat Grass, your cat can now enjoy delicious and healthy cat grass all the year round. Cat grass is a valuable supplement for your animal because cats can swallow many hair during their daily grooming routine and the fresh vegetable matter helps them to cough up the hairballs that form in their stomach. Providing a steady supply of Vitakraft Cat Grass gives your cat a healthy alternative to house plants, which is important because they aren’t suitable for cats to eat and may even poison them in some cases.


♦ Vitality Plus

♦ Premium seed mix: Ready prepared

♦ Fresh Vitamins

♦ Healthy and tasty cat diet


Brand: Vita Kraft

Size: 120g

Made In Germany

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