Wise-Pet For Smartphone - Sealy


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Wise-Pet For Smartphone - Sealy

Wise Pet® For Smartphones - I'm Sealy Compatible Devices Sealy is the most sociable and funniest creature you'll ever meet. He just loves to talk! Download the app and tap on the screen. Everything you say - he will say back. You laugh - he laughs. Give him a big smile, as big as his, and make funny animal noises - he loves it! On the way to a family dinner, or just a long car ride - at some point your kids will start repeating the question - "are we there yet?




-Cuddly Protector

-Smartphone and tablet protector

-Adjustable car fitting straps

-Designed specifically for kids



-DImensions: 20.3 x 14.6 x 21.6 cm

-Weight: 295 g


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