Ahmad Tea London Selection Tea 8x5 Tea Bags


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Ahmad Tea London Selection Tea 8x5 Tea Bags
Ahmad Tea


Ahmad Tea London Selection Tea 8x5 Tea Bags

♦ Inspired by London's iconic skyline, this collection contains some of our most popular teas in an attractive boxed set. There's something for everyone's taste with a selection of black tea, green tea, and even exotic fruit teas. English Breakfast to get your day started, aromatic notes of bergamot in Earl Grey, or try our own English No1. Jasmine Romance features floral fragrances, Green Tea Pure contains our finest Chinese leaves, and Mint Mystique adds fresh mint herbs to a green tea base. Fruity refreshment comes courtesy of Peach & Passion Fruit, Lemon Lime Twist that delivers a zesty energising kick. A real treasure for any tea lover to explore the quality of Ahmad Tea.


♦ Ahmed has produced tea of the highest quality.
♦ Ahmed Tea offers you a large selection of ways to enjoy refreshing, great tasting teas.
♦ Pure and simple, Ahmed tea is made from the finest leaves in the world. 
♦ Clean and delicious and provides flavonoids, Ahmed tea is an ideal addition to your daily routine.


♦ Brand: Ahmed Tea

♦ The Content: 

 5x Earl Grey tea: A subtle blend of quality teas scented with the elegant gragrance of bergamot 

 5x English tea No.1: A blend of exclusive quality teas lightly flavoured with bergamot 

 5x English Breakfast: A classical blend of fine teas which characterises the traditional English cup of tea. 

 5x Lemon& Lime twist: A Blend of fine black teas with a twist of Lemon and lime to deliver true citrus refreshment. 

 5x Peach & Passion Fruit: The Exotic flavours of peach and passion fruit complement each other perfectly to provide a luxury drink 

 5x Mint Green tea: A blend of the finest quality green tea, enhanced with mint leaves for refreshing experience.

 5x Green tea pure: An exclusive blend of china green teas with an inheret light taste and aroma 

 5x Jasmine green tea: A delicious green tea from china with fragrant young buds of the jasmine flavour

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