Ahmad Tea Twelve Tea Box 12x4 bags


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Ahmad Tea Twelve Tea Box 12x4 bags
Ahmad Tea

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Ahmad Tea Twelve Tea Box 12x4 bags 

♦ A broad selection for those that like a little bit of everything. Enjoy 12 foil enveloped teabags of: four classic black teas, four fruit flavoured black teas and four green teas. 


♦ Ahmed has produced tea of the highest quality.
♦ Ahmed Tea offers you a large selection of ways to enjoy refreshing, great tasting teas.
♦ Pure and simple, Ahmed tea is made from the finest leaves in the world. 
♦ Clean and delicious and provides flavonoids, Ahmed tea is an ideal addition to your daily routine.


♦ Brand: Ahmed Tea

♦ The Content:  


 4x Earl Grey tea: A subtle blend of quality teas scented with the elegant gragrance of bergamot 

 4x English tea No.1: A blend of exclusive quality teas lightly flavoured with bergamot 

 4x English Breakfast: A classical blend of fine teas which characterises the traditional English cup of tea. 

 4x Lemon& Lime twist: A Blend of fine black teas with a twist of Lemon and lime to deliver true citrus refreshment. 

 4x Peach & Passion Fruit: The Exotic flavours of peach and passion fruit complement each other perfectly to provide a luxury drink 

 4x Mint Green tea: A blend of the finest quality green tea, enhanced with mint leaves for refreshing experience.

 4x Green tea pure: An exclusive blend of china green teas with an inheret light taste and aroma 

 4x Jasmine green tea: A delicious green tea from china with fragrant young buds of the jasmine flavour

 4x Darjeeling tea 

 4x Apple tea 

 4x Strawberry tea 

 4x Peach&passion fruit tea


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