AJI-NO-MOTO Monosodium Gltmt 150 g

♦ A flavor enhancer that delivers the purest taste of Umami. Provides exceptional taste advantages in the formulation of snacks, soups, and gravies. Can be used in many savory dishes including meat, fish, poultry, many vegetables, and in sauces, marinades. 


♦ Enhancing flavor
♦ Reducing sodium intake: Most people add salt to improve the flavor of food
♦ Since ASG is a flavor enhancer and low in sodium, you can decrease salt while increasing flavor and taste
♦ Ajinomoto® Monosodium Glutamate provides the natural Umami taste to enhance the taste of processed foods.


♦ Brand: Ajinomoto
♦ Weight: 150 g 


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