Ajmal Hayaam Unisex 14 ml

♦ A unisex creation, aimed at the evolving oriental perfume connoisseur. The top is an amalgam of fruity citrus notes with Rose, Black Currant, Plum bringing a ray of light made sensual by musky & woody notes. The unexpected encounter of these two combined with Oudh and Amber gives birth to a mystifying and yet familiar fragrance. This intense concentrate fragrance engulfs you with its rich, warm, woody feel with playful hints of floral musky notes

Fragrance Note

♦Top notes: Floral Fruity

♦ Heart notes: Musky Woody

♦ Base notes: Oudhy Ambery Musky


♦ Brand: Ajmal

♦ Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil

♦ Capacity: 14 ml  

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