Akbay Ishtikana Set (12 pieces) Grains 

♦ With a sleek, modern shape, this set of 12 pieces from the Akbay glassware range brings style and flair to any occasion. Made in Turkey, each tea cup is nicely weighted and beautifully designed.


♦ This is a classical Turkish glassware tea cup Set by Akbay containing 12 pieces (6 cups and 6 saucers).
♦ Perfect for all celebrations this excellent quality set tea cup glasses have been styled in a sleek shape & beautifully designed
♦ The base is heavy, which gives them an elegant classic look.
♦ Best-suited design for your home environment and aesthetic sense
♦ Dishwasher safe
♦ Easy to clean


♦ Brand: Akbay
♦ Item.Ref:5166-658-77
♦ Set of: 12 pieces (6 glasses and 6 saucers).

Made In Turkey

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