Alex Crochet Jewelry

♦ Crochet like a pro and make Grandma proud! Learn to crochet Granny Squares. Then put them together to make a scarf, a hat and other cool accessories.


♦ Best for age: 8 + years
♦ The easy-to-follow instructions make it fun and fast
♦ The handy, colorful suitcase carries all your yarn needles and projects in progress
♦ Take them with you when you're on the go!
♦ It's so easy and fun!

In the box:

♦ 6 Colors of yarn 219 m
♦ 4 Earring hooks
♦ 2 Brooch pins
♦ Crochet hook
♦ Plastic needle
♦ Beading needle
♦ 20 Plastic beads
♦ 10 Plastic buttons
♦ Easy instructions


♦ Brand: Alex
♦ Item Ref.: 387N

Made in China

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