Alex Panline Crafty Fashion Show

ALEX Toys Little Hands Crafty Fashion Show is a rainy day runway project for future fashion designers! Use crafting supplies to design and create outfits for your cardboard models and send them down the runway. Great activity for a small group or one little fashionista who wants to design a whole collection. Includes 4 cardboard dolls, 20 stickers and shapes, 29 tissue papers, 4 pipe cleaners, 3 ribbons, 5 pieces of ric rac, 3 sheets of fringed paper, 3 buttons, a doily, glue stick (4.4oz. / 40g.), 8 crayons, a craft stick and picture instructions. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

 In the box:

The Alex Toys 1421 Little Hands Crafty Fashion Show Kit comes with all of the supplies to create (4) 14-inch cardboard dolls, including stickers, shapes, tissue paper, pipe cleaner, ribbons, sheets of fringe paper, buttons, glue stick, crayons, craft stick, instructions and more.


Made in China


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