Alpaca Kerosene Heater 5.3 ltr TS-77

♦ Reliable and user friendly, this kerosene heater can deliver soothing warmth to rooms up to 18 square meters. The heater features a 5.3 litre fuel capacity that will provide hours of heat before needing to be refilled. Use it in the camping, basement or garage, out on the back deck, or at the cabin. Because it does not require electricity to operate, the heater makes an excellent choice for both everyday supplemental heating as well as for emergency situations when the power goes out. Other design details include a fuel gauge, automatic safety shut-off, a protective grill, and a stable base to help prevent tipping over. Safe to use and economical to operate the heater carries six months limited warranty.

Features & Specifications:

♦ Brand: Alpaca

♦ Model: TS-77

♦ Type: Kerosene Heater

♦ Color: White

♦ Tank Capacity: 5.3 Litres

♦ Smoke Filter

♦ High Thermal Efficiency

♦ Radiation Capacity: 2,500 Kcal/Hour

♦ Fuel Consumption: 0.25L/Hour

♦ Heating Radius: 16-18 Sq. /m

♦ Dimensions: 330 x 330 x 470mm

Made in Korea

6 Months Warranty

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