Anfar Dehn Al Oudh Hindi Special 12 ml


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Anfar Dehn Al Oudh Hindi Special 12 ml

♦ Combination of the most rare and special kind of Dehn Al Oudh made from various fragrant Oudh oils of  India, which will give you the most exciting and exuberant aroma of unsurpassed quality and class inducing the feeling of peace, pleasure and power within and around you 


Beautiful and distinctive
♦ The perfume from Anfar is high quality & long lasting

♦ Dehn Al Oudh by Anfar provides the absolute finish to every outfit
♦ The ideal choice for a birthday or anniversary gift set
♦ It is suitable for all occasions and will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste


♦ Brand: Anfar
♦ Capacity: 12 ml 

Made In UAE

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