AquaBeads Artist Carry Case Playset

♦ The Artist Carry Case is the largest of all Aqua beads playsets. It includes over 1200 Classic and Jewel beads in an assortment of colors. The carry case includes a mini case that holds the Rainbow Pen, Sprayer and has built in templates.

How to play:

♦ Select a design template and slide into place under the template lid

♦ Create your bead art and spray with water

♦ That's it! Let dry and your creation is complete

♦ Use the storage bin to keep everything in one place when you are done

The Content:

♦ Carry case with lid

♦ Mini case

♦ Sprayer

♦ 4 design templates,

♦ 800 jewel and classic beads,

♦ Bead pen


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