Astera Parodont Stop Gum Gel 20 ml

♦ The gear ring gel Astera Parodont Stop contributes for the fast and effective relief of the gum inflammation and symptoms, such as tumefaction, incarnation and gum strip. It has beneficial influence on the unwanted reactions, due to trauma of the mucosa from new prostheses, crowns, dental interventions, piercing in the oral cavity. It has a tightening action, promptly soothes incarnation and tumefaction of the gum, stops the bleeding and reduces the increased teeth sensitivity. Provides effective prevention against periodontitis and eliminates the bad breath in the oral cavity.


♦ Chlorhexidine digluconate - 0.20 % (antiseptic). Chlorhexidine is an effective anti-bacterial agent that helps fighting bacteria, causing the formation of plaque. It helps in confronting plaque formation, persistent inflammations, intraoral operations.

♦ Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the connective tissue in the human body and participates in the processes for the healthy mucosa condition maintaining. In cases of injuries in the oral soft tissues, the hyaluronic acid educes the consequences - inflammation, tumefaction, incarnation, pain, itch, and formication. Recovers the balance of the periodontal tissue, and helps the mucosa regeneration.

♦ Aluminum lactate simultaneously tightens the gums and eliminates the upper ill layer, where the bacteria, causing periodontitis, are located. It has an astringent/tightening/ action, and speeds up the mucosa healing process.

♦ Trisodium citrate, which soothes the painful teeth sensitivity. It connects with the potassium ions from the enamel, with tubule-isolating action, and in this way prevents sensitivity.  


♦ Brand: Astera

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