Axe Shower Gel Excite 250 ml

♦ This product is made especially with a combination of refreshing and seductive fragrance and a lather enhancing the formula for extra refreshment.


♦ Axe Excite, a fragrance so tempting that even angels will fall for its unique, sensual and addictive fragrance.
♦ The gel produces a moderate amount of lather and rinses off easily.
♦ Axe Dark Temptation Shower Gel has the similar fragrance that makes you as irresistible as a chocolate.
♦ Axe Dark Temptation Shower Gel lasts for long without overpowering the scent that is being associated with most of the other shower gels.
♦ Axe Dark Temptation Shower Gel  makes you feel fresh and at your best.


♦ Brand: Axe
♦ Capacity: 250 ml

Made In Germany 

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