B.Toxx Dermo Hair Age Premium Kit 140 ml


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B.Toxx Dermo Hair Age Premium Kit 140 ml


B.Toxx Dermo Hair Age Premium Kit 140 ml

♦ Dermo Hair Anti-Age System


♦ Exceeding the limits of nature with a perfect combination of nature and scentific research,born  B.TOOX,is a new concept in dermo hair cosmetics.


♦ A revolutionary treatment to care for damaged and frayed hair o


Plastic surgery for your hair


  Repair the damage and renew the hair


  For aged,weak or damaged




-Presents bio-affinity  with the.


-Provides phyto-nutrients to repair damaged cuticle.


-Forming a protective barrier against external aggressions to hair.


-Gives strength and resistance to fragile hair.               

Hyaluronic acid:


-Hyaluronic acid is a collagen protein produced naturally by our bodies.The levels produced naturally decrease over time.Collagen provides the elasticity of the hair.


-B.TOOX alms to fill the gaps between the cuticle and cortex,in areas damaged or broken due to chemical or mechanical action or by the ravages of time.




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