Bebelac Anti-Regurgitation Milk (From Birth Onwards) 400 g


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Bebelac Anti-Regurgitation Milk (From Birth Onwards) 400 g 

- Bebelac Anti-Regurgitation is for babies who find it diffcult to keep their formula down when feeding.

- This might be because their digestive system is not yet fully developed, and the problem may resolve itself in time.

- Regurgitation is common in infants, and Bebelac AR is specically formulated to reduce your baby’s symptoms.

- It can be used in combination with breastfeeding or when breastfeeding is no longer possible.

- Bebelac ExtraCare AR contains a natural ingredient (locust bean gum) which thickens the formula and helps your baby to keep milk down.

- It also fully meets your baby’s nutritional needs with its PreciNutri formula.

- Key nutrients for growth (calcium, iron, vitamin D and zinc)

- Brand: Bebelac 

- Age: 0 - 6 Months 

- Size: 400 g

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