Hartmann Thermoval Baby Silent and Non Contact Thermometer


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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Silent and Non Contact Thermometer

♦ The premium noise-free, non-contact infrared thermometer – for stress-free temperature-taking.



♦ Gentle: non-contact temperature-taking.
♦ Fast: measurement within 3 seconds.
♦ Exact: accurate as per European Standard for Medical Thermometers.
♦ Convenient: measure body temperature, temperature of objects and ambient temperature.
♦ Noise-free: take the temperature while your baby is sleeping.
♦ Practical: memory function stores the last 10 measurements and gives an overview of the fever progression.
♦ Safe: with optical fever alarm.
♦ Simple: easy and comfortable to operate.
♦ Robust: with practical storage box.
♦ Reliable: 3-year warranty.



Manufacturer: PAUL HARTMANN AG Germany

Golden Rules for measuring temperature:

  1. Before measuring the temperature, the thermometer and the baby should be at the same room for at least 30 minutes.

  2. Keep the sensor free from any residual dirt, scratches and not clouded by condensation especially when measuring boiling water or steaming bathwater.

  3. Before measuring the temperature, remove any hair, sweat, cosmetics or dirt from the forehead.

  4. Avoid measurement during eating, breastfeeding, drinking or activity times.

  5. After the baby wakes up from sleep, wait for a few minutes, then measure the baby's temperature.

  6. Wait for 30 seconds between two measurements.

  7. Keep in mind that the temperature of the baby can be influenced by being outdoors for prolonged periods (e.g. in cold winter or in hot summer).

  8. Be careful, the temperature inside the feeding bottle or bathing may be warmer or colder than the temperature measured on its surface!

  9. Do not measure temperature directly after showering, when the forehead is wet or after removing the baby's head covering.

  10. Do not store the device in an area exposed to direct heat or sunlight (e.g. car compartment, kitchen, and garage).

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