Power Crunch Red Velvet Wafer Bar 40 g


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Power Crunch Red Velvet Wafer Bar 40 g
Power Crunch


Power Crunch Energy Bar Red Velvet 40 g

♦ Power Crunch is truly the next evolution of the nutrition bar. Just like their flagship product proto whey, they have created the most unique protein energy bar available. Unlike all those hard, chewy extruded bars power crunch is a delicious cream filled wafer cookie bursting with proto whey protein, Naturally low in sugar and carbohydrates power crunch has a low glycemic response and has no sugar alcohols. And its made with proto whey 100% pure high DH hydrolyzed whey protein so you know the protein will absorb swiftly and completely making power crunch an ideal snack choice before or after workouts in between meals or as a delicious and nutritious dessert. 


♦ 17 Grams Protein

♦ 07 Grams Sugar

♦ Delicious and light 

♦ Easy to digest 


♦ Brand: Power Crunch

♦ Size: 40 g 

Made In USA 

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