Futuro Knee Performance Stabilizer


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Futuro Knee Performance Stabilizer


Futuro Knee Performance Stabilizer

♦ Designed to bring you stabilizing comfort, the FUTURO™ Stabilizing Knee Support is your go to solution for all day wear. This elastic knit knee brace can be worn under clothing while providing comfortable support to muscles around your knee. Side stabilizers help reduce lateral motion and the open kneecap helps provide added comfort. Give your injured knee the TLC it deserves and with the FUTURO™ Stabilizing Knee Support.


♦ Provides moderate-stabilizing support to weak and sore knees

♦ Side stabilizers enhance support without limiting mobility

♦ Easy-to-use slip on sleeve

♦ Flexible fabric promotes a full range of motion

♦ Wear on either knee for versatility

♦ Ideal for stiff, weak, sore and injured knees


♦ Brand: Futuro 

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