Band Aid Aloe Vera 20 pieces

♦ BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages have been there to protect you and your children for years and we are continuously developing
   new products to help heal the wound fast and heal the hurt faster.
♦ Using the product finder you can find the best product for your wound care needs.


♦ Aloe Vera helps soothe
♦ protect and promote natural healing
♦ Easy to apply,no complicated system
♦ Hypo-allergenic
♦ Antiseptic pad helps to kill germs and side seals help prevent further infection
♦ 20 pieces: All one size


♦ If needed disinfect wound
♦ For deep and heavily bleeding wounds consult a doctor
♦ Clean and dry skin before applying the plaster
♦ Do not reuse to avoid infection

Made In France 


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