Bepanthen Plus Antiseptic Cream 30 g

♦ Bepanthen Plus Cream is specially formulated to protect wounds and damaged skin from infection, as well as soothing pain and accelerating skin repair. 

♦ Bepanthen Plus Cream works with a combination of gentle antiseptic and pro-vitamin B5. The antiseptic works gently to prevent infection, while pro-vitamin B5 accelerates the skin’s own natural regeneration process, to aid healing


♦ Bepanthen Plus Cream works with an effective, yet gentle pairing of chlorhexidine and dexpanthenol.8,52

♦ Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that fights the germs that enter a wound. Chlorhexidine prevents infection and is effective against bacteria52

♦ Dexpanthenol is a proven ingredient for skin repair because it: 1,2,51

♦ Moisturises to give the skin softness and protection

♦ Promotes the production of lipids in the skin

♦ Accelerates the formation of new and healthy skin tissue

How to use:

♦ Squeeze a small amount of cream onto the affected clean area

♦ Apply the cream once daily, or several times a day, until the wound is completely healed


♦ Brand: Bepanthen

♦ Size: 30 g


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