Beurer Diagnostic Scale BG55

♦ The Beurer Glass Scale from diagnostic scales through to design scales helps you attain or maintain your healthy feel-good weight.


♦ High quality design
♦ Everything at a glance
♦ With interpretation and trend display
♦ Extra large display for simultaneous display of the values determined
♦ Interpretation of body weight, body fat, body water and muscle percentage
♦ Basic calorie rate and active metabolic rate
♦ Trend display (reading is compared with the average of the last 5 readings)
♦ Graduation: 0.1% for body fat, body water and muscle percentage, 100g for body weight, ideal weight and bone mass
♦ 5 activity levels
♦ 10 memories each with 5 memory spaces for readings
♦ 28 mm digit height
♦ Switchover from kg/lb/st
♦ 150 kg capacity


♦ Brand: Beurer
♦ Item.Ref: BG55
♦ Graduation / load-bearing capacity: 100 g / 150 kg
♦ Product dimensions: 35 x 32 x 3,5 cm

Made In Germany

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