Beurer IPL 6000 Hair Removal System

♦ The Beurer SatinSkin Pro System is a light-based device for lasting hair removal for private use. The hair removal process based on laser and light is a well-known and proven method. In 15 years of clinical applications around the world, it has proven to be a safe and effective method for achieving lasting hair reduction.


♦ skin colour sensor that measures the colour of the area of skin to be treated,

♦ a built-in skin contact sensor to protect your eyes,

♦ built-in UV protection, blocking dangerous UV radiation.

♦ Compact device for permanent hair removal

♦ Compact design - also ideal for treating small body surfaces

♦ 70,000 light pulses

♦ Fastest compact device - Around just 26 min. to treat the entire body*

♦ 3.1 cm² light surface for especially fast treatment

♦ 3 energy levels

♦ Clinically tested technology for maximum safety at home

♦ Maximum safety with 2-in-1 skin-type and skin-contact sensor

♦ Up to 50% hair reduction after only 3 - 4 treatments

♦ State-of-the-art IPL light technology used by dermatologists for professional hair removal.

♦ Deactivates the hair roots deep beneath the skin and in doing so decreases the chance of the hair growing back.

♦ With "flash-glide" function for comfortable usage

♦ Integrated UV filter to protect the skin

♦ Cannot be used on dark skin

♦ May be ineffective on white or light-coloured hair

♦ Mains oparated

♦ Warranty: 1 years


♦ Brand: Beurer
♦ Model: IPL-6000

Made In Germany

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