Beurer Modern Personal Bathroom Scale GS 420

Sufficient exercise, a healthy diet and a healthy feel-good weight are essential for your health. The rounded scales range from diagnostic scales through to design scales helps you attain or maintain your healthy feel-good weight.

♦ As part of the purist "clean classics" bathroom range from Beurer, the GS 420 tara stands out for the quirky graphic designs on the surface of the glass scale. The 9.5 x 5.2 cm, extra large, blue illuminated LCD display and black digits also accentuate the design.

♦ The special feature of the GS 420 tara is that it is equipped with a tare function. It determines the exact weight from the difference between the total weight and net weight. This is particularly advantageous when determining the weight of babies who are not able to stand on their own, as well as animals and bulky luggage. The multi-talented device generates measurements that are accurate to within 50 g. The memory function of the universal glass scale means that it is not necessary to keep a handwritten record of your weight after getting on the scale: the GS 420 tara saves the last recorded weight and calculates the difference to the new weight.

Made in Germany

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