Bolero Diet Instant Drink Sugar Free Forest Fruit 12 x 3 g


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Bolero Diet Instant Drink Sugar Free Forest Fruit 12 x 3 g

♦ Bolero Drinks are the perfect alternative to soft drinks full of sugar, and also the solution for those who do not like water or have a hard time drinking the recommended daily amount. The preparation is as simple, In addition to use them to create your healthy drink when mixed with water, Bolero Drinks offer many more possibilities mixing them with other beverages and sweet countless recipes and savory. You can add Bolero to make cocktails drinks, protein shakes, sauces, jellies, pies, puddings, jams, ice cream, jelly beans, mixed with natural yoghurt, etc, Ideal for use when at the sports club, gym bottle, hiking, camping, or diabetic flavouring cooking. 


♦ Each 3 g sachet will make 500 ml of great tasting drink

♦ Completely sugar free, and Gluten Free 

♦ Ideal for diabetic instant drink sachet

♦ Bolero drinks contain the natural sweetener stevia

♦ No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives

♦ Included protective anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C

♦ Mix with tap, soda or sparkling water or milk- perfect for the whole family

♦ Bolero contains less than 5 calories per 250ml serving.


♦ Brand: Bolero 

♦ Size: 12 x 3 g  

Product of Bulgaria 

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