Perrier Strawberry Water Can 30 x 250 ml


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Perrier Strawberry Water Can 30 x 250 ml

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Perrier Strawberry Water Can 30 x 250 ml

- When the water and gas met, they both forced their way up through the open fissures in the limestone and gushed With the release of the carbonic gas,the water bubbled as if boiling,this happens in  in southern France where there is Perrier Water.

- Mineral water is a natural resource which is continually being replaced as rainwater and snow seep into the soil and subsoil.
- Every natural mineral water is slowly filtered by rocks and sand, from which it derives its mineral content (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.).
- Subterranean in origin, protected from human pollution and by being bottled at the source, natural mineral water is clear, and characterized by original purity and a unique mineral salt content that remains stable over time.
- The only type of water that boasts the health-giving properties recognized by France's "Medecine academy”

- Brand: Perrier

- Origin: France

- Size: 250 ml

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