San Pellegrino Sparkling Water Pet Bottle 6 x 330 ml


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San Pellegrino

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San Pellegrino Sparkling Water Pet Bottle 6 x 330 ml

- San Pellegrino  water is a natural effervescence with a low sodium content.
- It's ideal for low-sodium diets indicated in the case of high blood pressure, serious cause of cardiovascular disease, and water retention.
- Helps digestion
- San Pellegrino represents a considerable source of supply of elemental calcium. 
- An essential element in the human body both for bone growth and for the treatment and prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis. 

- Brand: San Pellegrino

- Origin: Italy

- Size: 6 x 330 ml

- Source: From the Alps Mountains in Italy. 

Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l)

- Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l)
- Calcium:164 mg, Potassium:0 mg, Magnesium:49 mg
- Hydrogen carbonate:243 mg, Chloride:49 mg
- Sodium:7 mg, Sulphate:403 mg

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