Voss Still Water Glass 12 x 800 ml

♦ VOSS water is famous for its pure purity and packaging. It is water abstracted from an artesian spring in a sparsely populated area in southern Norway, where it is bottled and stored in an underground aquifer. It is a water that maintains its natural features from the spring to the bottle.


♦ Compatible and used for Detox

♦ The purest and freshest water

♦ It comes from artesian wells from Norway

♦ An elegant and refined packaging

♦ Suitable for students and female employees for easy carrying the bag

♦ Burn calories and fat

♦ Healthy and suitable for diet owners


♦ Brand: Voss

♦ Size:12 x 800 ml

Product of Norway 

Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l)

♦ pH Level:5.5 – 7, Sodium:4, Calcium:3, Magnesium:<1 Chloride:5, Fluoride:0.1, Sulfate:<5, TDS:44

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