Abraaj Drinking Water 1.5 L (12 x 5)


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Abraaj Drinking Water 1.5 L (12 x 5)

The Bottles

Abraaj bottle is an environmentally friendly made of fully degradable high quality plastic. The bottle design uses less plastic, thereby reducing environmental effect, while maintaining bottle quality and strength.

The Water

Abraaj water is produced by purification process of the feed water which produces 100% distilled water (H2O). The water is then recombined with minerals and salts imported from Europe according to recommended minerals.

The water is then purified with latest technologies & without changing the water composition, packed in a tightly controlled environment and QC checked; this makes Abraaj water a unique product with:

♦ Balanced Contents
♦ Rich Essential Minerals
♦ Low Sodium

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This Wholesale Pack includes:

♦ 5 Cartons

♦ Bottles/Carton: 12

♦ Bottle capacity: 1.5 ltr

Nutrition Facts & Mineral Composition (mg/l)

♦ Fat:0, Carbohydrate:0, Protein:0, pH Level:5.5 – 7 Calcium:25, Potassium:1, Magnesium:5 Chloride:55, Bicarbonate:20, Sulphate:20 Fluoride:0, Carbonates:0, Sodium:5, TDS:120

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