Bi Flux Cartridge (1 Pc) for Laica Water Purifier


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Bi Flux Cartridge (1 Pc) for Laica Water Purifier

Did you know you that you can get Calcium and Magnesium - essential minerals for healthy bones, teeth and muscles – from one glass of tap water? That is, if the filtered water you drink isn’t stripped of those healthy minerals. So ask yourself – are you a “mineral stripper”?

Features & Specifications:

- Helps to Preserve the Balance of CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM

- Bi-Flux Technology Maintains the Right pH Level in the Water (6.5 to 9.5)

- Effectively Filters: Chlorine, Thrialomethanes, Heavy Metals, Chlorinated Hericides and Pesticides

Filtering Stages

- Pre filtration

- Reduction of heavy metals

- Chemicalabsorption and chlorine derivatives

- Mineral Balance

- PH Control

- Pre filtratio

- Bacteriostatic

- Micro mesh

- Flow Regulator

-Twin Stream

In the Box:

- Bi Flux Cartridge (1pc)

- Manual

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