Body Safe Wave Protection Patch for Smartphones 25 mm


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Body Safe


Body Safe Wave Protection Patch for Smartphones 25 mm - GCP560084613004C

* Protect your world from harmful effects of electromagnetic waves by using body safe. Consist of a printed circuit of 40 antennas and measures 25 mm in diameter.

Features and Specification:

- Brand: Body Safe

- Model: GCP560084613004C

- The ultimate safety way to make you and your family safer and recover your energy

- Protection device bring us a simple way to rebalance our body, regain a good sleep

- Increase your calmness and attentive to re-focus

- Compatible with 3G, 4G and 5G smartphones, 2G and 3G Cell Phones, Connected Watches, Baby Phone, Cordless Phones (DECT), Mobile routers, Fixed routers, Walkie Talkies, GPS systems (navigation assistant), Satellite phones, Wifi amplifiers, Connected alarms, Computer screens, EBook readers, Bluetooth speakers and more…

In the box:

Body Safe Patch Extra Fine for Smartphone

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