Body Solid Inversion Boots - delivered by Gym Doctor


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Body Solid Inversion Boots  - delivered by Gym Doctor
Gym Doctor


Body Solid Inversion Boots (GIB-2)

Features And Specifications:

- Inversion boots allow you to recover quickly from compression fatigue caused by jogging,
aerobic training, stepping, bicycling and weight training.
- Inversion boots counteract the downward pull of gravity.
- Hanging in the inverted position brings instant relief to many forms of back pain and spasms associated with consistent downward gravitational pull on the spine, discs and muscles. Just a few minutes a day are sufficient to spread apart painful compressed discs.
- Back, neck and shoulder muscles are also stretched, further increasing flexibility and reducing pain. Recommended by doctors and used in hospital back clinics nationwide. Boots feature thick, comfortable, contoured support pads and have a heavy-duty single-action locking mechanism with built-in safety lever.
- Extra pads allow easy adjustment for all size users.
- Part number: GIB2

Delivery time: within 48 working hours
Working hours: from 10:00AM : 8:00PM

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