Braun Body Groomer BG5030 WD

♦ Braun body groomer BG5030. For a perfectly groomed look for your whole body.


♦ 3 trimming combs: Trim your body hair to precise lengths of 0.6mm, 3mm and 8mm. For 3 different looks when you don’t want to clean shave. The sensitive comb improves safety when trimming delicate areas like armpit or groin.

♦ Extra small trimming teeth: For safe trimming in sensitive areas.

♦ 5 integrated Gillette Fusion blades: For the smoothest clean shave without nicks and cuts.

♦ Designed especially for body grooming: For a perfectly groomed body you need a tool that is designed for perfect handling. The Braun body groomer is designed with a soft power grip, hard rips for better control and a grip cavity for your thumb

♦ Wet & dry. 100% waterproof for in-shower-use and easy cleaning: 100% safe to use in wet conditions. Added comfort and convenience. Easily cleaned under running water.

♦ Powerful batteries for long lasting performance:The Braun body groomer has a powerful dual battery system with 2 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. They are fully charged in 14 hours for up to 50 minutes of cordless performance.

♦ Charging LED: An LED light indicates charging status.

♦ Completely cordless

♦ Automatic voltage adaptation

♦ Special inductive charging stand: The charging stand is convenient and keeps the Braun body groomer always ready.

♦ Combined shower hanger & travel case

♦ Pouch


♦ Brand: Braun

♦ Model: BG5030 WD

What's in the box

♦ Body groomer BG5030

♦ Long comb

♦ Medium comb

♦ Sensitive comb

♦ Extra Gillette Fusion blade

♦ Charging stand

♦ Shower hanger & travel case

Soft pouch

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