Braun Hair Airstyler AS530

♦ Waves, curls, flicks, volume … with Braun’s Satin-Hair 5 airstyler, you can enjoy a new style every day. Or even two or three! The Braun Satin-Hair 5 airstyler dries and styles your hair in one go – and you don’t even have to wash it every time! Just use the steam function to shoot a powerful jet of moisture on each strand you style.


♦ Curls: Soft, shiny, natural-looking curls are an all-time favorite. Create your own curly look with Braun’s Satin-Hair 5 airstyler – here’s how: use the big round brush for loose, large curls or the small one for tighter curls.

♦ Flicks: Give your look the ultimate kick with flicks! They’re the modern twist for any style, and they can easily be achieved with Braun’s Satin-Hair 5 airstyler.

♦ Waves: For glamorous 1940s Hollywood styles or a soft, natural look – waves bring texture to your look and frame your face beautifully.

♦ Volume: Oh, glorious volume! It’s the number one thing women crave for. With Braun’s Satin-Hair 5 airstyler, luxurious volume is only a style-and-dry away.


♦ Brand: Braun

♦ color: metallic silver

♦ cable length: 2 m

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