Braun Iontec Hair Dryer HD730


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Braun Iontec Hair Dryer HD730
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Braun Iontec Hair Dryer HD730

♦ Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC dryer. All the shine, none of the damage. With IONTEC, Satin Protect and diffuser.


♦ Satin Protect: designed for 100% damage-free drying: The Satin-Hair 7 IONTEC dryer features the unique Satin Protect™ system: a simple push of a button limits temperature to 70 °C while maintaining the same powerful airflow. This guarantees 100% protection against overheating and hair damage.

♦ IONTEC: Infuse your hair with ions to boost shine and beat frizz: Millions of active ions combat the static of conventional dryers. The Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC dryer gives you smoother hair for visibly more shine, strand by strand.

♦ Professional nozzle: For precise and accurate styling.

♦ Diffuser: For salon defined curls and volume.

♦ Even heat distribution: Prevents dry out and ensures fast drying.

♦ Infra-red heat system: For efficient and fast drying.

♦ Cold shot: Locks the style with a push of a button.

♦ 6 temperature/airflow combinations: For maximum drying and styling flexibility.

♦ Special removable filter mesh: For easy cleaning and protection from hair breakage.

♦ Wattage: 2200

♦ Unique dryer design with 20º angle: Prevents filter blockage to avoid overheating.

♦ Hanging loop: For easy storage


♦ Brand: Braun

Model: HD730

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