Canifors Prime Class Dog Food Dry Puppy 5 kg + Blue Belt Free


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Canifors Prime Class Dog Food Dry Puppy 5 kg+ Blue Belt Free

- The best start for your pup, with a correct balanced of nutrients. As an indication, the moment of switching to adult food can be done at the age of 12 months. Best kept, dry in a food drum..

Canifors as high-quality pet food and provides your dog with:
• Vitality 
• Power to perform 
• Good metabolism 
• Good digestion 

For kittens and full-grown cats.
A well-balanced and complete feed for all breeds, young and old. Attainable in 4kg dry food bags. Canifors also supplies three types of canned food: chicken, Fish and Triple Balance Mix. (Beef, lamb, chicken) 

Daily recommendation
Two feeds of canned food per day, dry food and fresh water should be available all day.

Made in Holland

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