Capilano Natural Mountan Honey 375g


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Capilano Natural Mountan Honey 375g


Capilano Natural Mountan Honey 375g

♦ There is nothing more flavorful than natural honey produced by bees from the nectar of mountain flowers. Taste the wholesome goodness of mountain honey and use it on biscuits, toast, or with cheese. Eat it plain and enjoy the long lasting flavors of the honey.


♦ Nectar that made this honey is from mountain flowers
♦ Capilano honey is natural
♦ Can be used as a sweetener for your tea, coffee or as a drizzle for desserts such as pudding, pancakes and fruit salad
♦ Honey contains Antioxidants, Enzymes, Minerals & Vitamins 


♦ Brand: Capilano
♦ Weight: 375g
♦ Natural honey 

Product Of Australia

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