Carrera Cosmetic trimmer 524

The own pet like you disturbing hair might still see but on a date or an interview, it's a different matter. Dear away with it. Fast, gentle, safe and hygienic. Whether ears, sideburns, facial hair, hair on the fingers, toes, teeth. The commonly held word nose hair trimmer would be a gross understatement, You want to remove your nasal hair? And what about the ear hair? And where you're at it: What about between your eyebrows like that? Let the. Talking we prefer over the gentle sharpness with which our stainless steel cutting set safely and accurately in glades hidden Bangs Hair forests. With eyebrows with practical 4 mm and 8 mm comb, Who cannot afford inaccuracies, can also afford poor lighting conditions. Everything dissolved. Because we have our beauty trimmer at a lamp donated decisive point, the light from this brings darkness.


Gentle stainless steel cutting system
Removable cutting system for easy cleaning under running water
Cutting length 0.4 mm, eyebrow trimming attachment comb for 4 or 8 mm
Integrated spotlight
Battery operation 1x 1.5V AA battery
Operating time: 90 min
Accessories: battery, protective cap, cleaning brush, attachment comb, storage pouch


Brand: Carrera 

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