Cesar Dog Food With Classic Lamb & Vine Tomato Flavour 1 kg


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Cesar Dog Food With Classic Lamb & Vine Tomato Flavour 1 kg

♦ Love them back with this specially prepared meal combining Australian meat and vegetables. The finest Ingredients cooked carefully to deliver a perfect balance of taste and health for your beloved one.

♦ Classic & meaty recipes with a taste and aroma that little dogs can’t resist. Cesar gourmet wet dog treats are made with choice lamb, chicken or beef cooked to mouth-watering tenderness in their own juices. Great given as a treat with your dog’s dry food.

♦ Only premium quality and nutritionally-balanced ingredients are used in preparing Cesar tray foods so no need to worry, their recipes are 100% preservative free.


♦ Shining hair, sparkling eyes

A Unique blend of sunflower oil and minerals helps give your dog a lustrous shiny coat and healthy skin condition for closer hugs.

Natural vitamin A helps to maintain healthy eyes so your dog will look at you with a sparkle.

♦ Healthy, vital & fit

A source of dietary fibre to help maintain healthy digestion.

Packed full high quality protein and fat to give your dog all the energy it needs.

♦ Younger, longer relationship

Rich in antioxidants including marigold meal to help maintain a healthy immune system.

♦ Worry free on every bite.

Made and packed in Australia -With no Artificial flavouring.

 Made in Australia



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