Chicco Fishing Island

♦ Electronic game set with 4 colorful fishes which activates with amusing lights and sounds for your child to improve his balance

A sport toy with 4 colorful fishes and reproduces 25 melodies and sound effects!

♦ FIT & FUN line is designed to stimulate the child to play and to move through various popular sport toys. These toys are created to promote motor development and other skills like balance, accuracy and coordination and allow the usage at home or out in the open air. They allow the child to become familiar and have fun with sports, which they could be good at as grown-ups. FISHING ISLAND includes an entertaining fishing rod which is triggered when the 4 colourful fishes are caught, by activating amusing lights and sound effects.

♦ It offers 2 electronic game modes to learn identifying shapes and colours. It reproduces 25 melodies and sound effects. The island is also included, which the child must step on to improve his balance. Catching the fish stimulates the child to experiment with his coordination and balance skills to attain the necessary precision and to be successful.



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