Chicco Toy Building Blocks Cake Design 30 Pieces


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Chicco Toy Building Blocks Cake Design 30 Pieces

♦ Fantasy and reality come together for a fabulous game!

♦ The construction set #Cake Design includes 30 colored bricks with which to create their favorite desserts

♦ But the fun does not stop there!

♦ Using the free application "App Toys Blocks," framing the special colored bricks, the child can discover the magic of augmented reality reproduced in 3D on the tablet.

Playing with building blocks

♦ The child expresses his creativity and hones hand coordination while having fun with many colored bricks.

Discover the magic of Augmented Reality!

♦ Through the free app App Toys Blocks, framing with your tablet the special bricks, the game will come to life in 3D and you can interact by touching the screen.



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