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Children Electronic Toy Car Baby Blue

Kids to have a great first-bike experience, and a great experience with every bike after that


- Simulated styling
- Both remote control and manual control available
- Steering wheel with music function, high & bass integrated 
- Available to adjust the volume, MP3 speakerphone and flash function (Optional)
- Remote control to movement forward, backward, leftward and rightward
- Safety belt
- Manual-gear control to movement forward and backward
- Available to open car doors 
- Executive standard: EN71 and EN62115, GB6675-2003 and GB19865-2005


- Battery and fuse: Single drive (6v 10AH, 6V 7AH) (renewable fuse: 10A/15A)
  Double-drive (12V 7AH, 6V 10AH, 12V 10AH)
- Motor: Single-drive/ Double-drive 6V/12V  6V/12V (steering)
- Available ages: Children at 37-96 month
- Maximum Weight: 35KG
- Size: 126 x 72.5 x 54.6 cm
- Speed: High speed: 3.6km/h  low-speed: 2.3km/h
- Using time: working for 1-2 hours, once charged for 8-12 hours
- Charger: Output: DCV6V or DC12V

Delivery time: within 48 working hours
Working hours: from 10:00 AM : 8:00 PM


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