Clipper Games #5 Design Lighter (Assorted Colors)


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Clipper Games #5 Design Lighter (Assorted Colors)


Clipper Games #5 Design Lighter (Assorted Colors)

♦ The original and best refillable Clipper lighter. World-renowned for durability and reliability this lighter is a true design classic!
♦ On lighters, Quality equals to Safety, as they contain pressurized liquidize gas. Clipper's unique technology offers the highest quality on the market, the highest Safety level.


♦ Household lighter
♦ Metallic
♦ Large button for easy ignition 
♦ Child safety lock 
♦ Adjustable flame 
♦ Refillable 
♦ Conform ISO 9994 

Refilling Instructions:

♦ Refill with butane gas by pressing the tip vertically downward into the centre of the refilling valve at the base of the lighter 

Made In Spain

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