Cramily Terracotta Pizza Oven PR6.1

This brilliant pizza oven with its genuine terracotta dome is perfect for making pizza just the way one wants it in a remarkable 5 minutes. Now you can have your ideal pizza without having to splash out on takeaways or frozen pizzas from the supermarket, whether it's big or small this oven bakes them all, even going beyond the call of duty by being able to bake cookies. It includes six insulated spatulas that allow for easy access to what is inside, add any base and topping you want and pop them in this pizza oven, then just stack 'em and watch your family attach 'em!

Features & Specifications:

-Power - 800 watts
-Prepare your own self made pizza in only 5 minutes
-Suitable for 6 People
-Suitable for mini pizzas and large pizzas
-With real terracotta dome
-Suitable for baking cookies
-Includes six insulated baking spatulas, baking tray and form for cutting out dough
-230 volts mains
-Item size - 38 cm x 38 cm x 26 cm (W x D x H)
-Item weight - 6 kgs (6.5 kgs included gift box)
-Colour - brown
-Warranty - 1 Year

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